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Alchemist Academy

“The Alchemist Academy is where information, experience and action meet. We produce and offer courses and program taught by true experts and leaders in various fields of total health and human performance. The mission of the Alchemist Academy is to provide trusted and reliable resources for life long learns focused on health, wellness, personal and professional growth. We support the future of integrative education and healthcare that empowers people with the knowledge, skills and guidance to live in excellence of total health ”

Former Senior High Performance Healthcare Provider for the United States Olympic Committee; USA Medical Director for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games; Founder of Alchemist Quest

Brett Guimard DC, DACBSP, CSCS, MAOM, LAc

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Courses and Programs from Experts and Leaders in Total Health and Human Performance

Academic Partners Program

The Alchemist Academy produces and host programs featuring the top experts in various fields of total health and human performance. We are dedicated to delivering more then just information. We are focused on providing practical knowledge and resources for true attainment of total health, transformation and personal and professional growth. Our Academic Partners consist of healthcare professional, educators, coaches, topic experts, and authors who are recognized leaders in their field. If you are interested in learning more or applying to become an Academic Partner please click here.