Everything that we do as a company stems from these core values

  • Helping Others Create More Personal Freedom

  • Trusted & Reliable Relationships & Services

  • Positive Global Presence & Impact

  • Love What You Do and Share Your Gifts with Others

  • Adapt to Provide Value and Service Where Needed

  • Life Long Learning & Positive Personal Growth for All

What others are saying about their experience with the AQ Academy:

“Having a quality digital asset provides a great way to grow your brand and online. With support from Dr. Brett and the AQ Academy I've been able to upgrade and evolve the the way I do business..... to increase the positive impact I'm able to have in the world. As a keynote speaker, professional coach, corporate consultant and business owner; a digital asset is a huge advantage for creating more revenue and reaching more people. If you want to leverage your expertise, experience and influence to earn more income; the AQ Academy is the right place to get it done. As Dr. Brett will tell you...It takes work and consistency; however, you can trust the process with the AQ Academy. You'll have all the training and support needed for your success. ”

CEO & Co-Founder HeroHangout, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, 3x Paralympic Medalist

April Holmes

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AQ Academy Mission:

“The AQ Academy is where knowledge, action, and experience meet. Our mission is to empower and inspire others to live in true freedom and in total health. We support professionals, topic experts, authors, speakers, educators, coaches, consultants and business owners with on-demand training, live support and premium services to help you go from idea, to income and impact with your own online course or program digital assets,.”

USA Medical Director for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio; Former Senior High Performance Healthcare Provider for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee; Founder of Alchemist Quest Performance Education Academy

Dr. Brett Guimard

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