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"There is a big difference between an online course and an online course business"......"With an online course business, you can create true personal freedom doing what you love." Dr. Brett Guimard, Adaptable Expert Program


  • Do What You Love & Share Your Abilities with Others

  • Build Trusted & Reliable Relationships

  • Have a Positive Presence & Impact in the World

  • Adapt to Provide Value & Service Where Needed

  • Help Others Create More Personal Freedom

  • Life Long Learning & Positive Personal Growth for All

What others are saying about their experience with the AQ Course Business Builder Academy:

“After enrolling in the AQ Course Business Builder Academy I developed a much clearer vision for my digital program and coaching business. This program really helped me cut through the information overload online. I can now focus on doing the things needed for success. I have been blessed to train many of the top athletes in the world and a digital program is a perfect asset to reach more people with my coaching and experience.”

MS, CSCS, USAW, Head Coach OTC-CV, Owner Maximum Velocity Athletics

Jeremy Fischer

“With the support from Dr. Brett and the AQ Academy I've been able to upgrade and evolve the way I do business. I am now able to reach more people and have a greater positive impact in the world. By building what Dr. Brett calls a digital asset is a great way to grow your brand and expand your reach online. As a keynote speaker, professional coach, corporate consultant and business owner; a digital asset is a huge advantage for reaching a larger audience and earning more revenue. If you want to leverage your knowledge and experience to earn more income; the AQ Academy is the right place to get it done. You can trust the process with the AQ Academy. They provide all the training and support needed for your success. ”

CEO & Co-Founder HeroHangout, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, 3x Paralympic Medalist

April Holmes

“I had the goal of taking the experience and expertise that I have gathered throwing and coaching the javelin for over 20 years and turning it into a product that will both help share my experience with a larger audience, and be a lucrative and freeing source of income. The AQ Course Builder Academy has helped me turn this goal into a reality. From refining the business model to understanding the technology and skills required to develop an online course. Thanks to Dr. Brett and the AQ Course Builder Academy I now have a detailed roadmap to launching my first program for success.”

2X Olympian in the Javelin Throw, Coach, Engineer, Educator, Work from Home Father

Sean Furey

AQ Course Business Builder Academy

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Our most popular digital business building program with guided action steps, on-demand training & live expert support. Graduate this 12-week program with your own digital business.
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AQ Academy Mission:

“The AQ Academy is where knowledge, action & experience meet. Our mission is to inspire & empower others to create more freedom, earn more revenue & have a greater impact online. We support topic experts & professionals to help go from idea to income and impact by building a successful digital business.”

USA Medical Director for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio; Former Senior High Performance Healthcare Provider for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee; Founder of Alchemist Quest Performance Education Academy

Dr. Brett Guimard

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The AQ Academy Academic Partners Program is a shared economy partnership program for course creators, ambassadors and affiliates. Join our Academic Partners Program to earn revenue from anywhere in the world.

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