Who is this Course for?

PBM - Professional Certification Program

Health and Human Performance Professionals: Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Corrective Exercise Specialists, Personal Trainers, Sport Coaches, and Physical Education (PE) Instructors

Sport of Life - Professional Instructors Program

Included in this Program

  • 3 Modules

  • 20+ Video Lectures with Accompanying Text

  • Sport of Life Professional Instructors Quiz

Course Objectives

PBM Professional Certification Program

  • Discussion of the current literature and validity for biomechanics, fitness training, sport, sport and fitness related musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation.

  • Assessment, teaching, and training of human biomechanics, movement, and posture in relation to real world functional ability

  • Assessment and training of human biomechanics and movement in relation to musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation from injury and reducing the risk of injury though injury prevention training

  • Assessment and training of human biomechanics and exercise technique in relation to exercise and fitness training

  • Assessment and training of human biomechanics and movement in relation to sport and sports performance training

  • Proper progressions through active care physical rehabilitation programs

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to the PREMIER Body Method

    • Introduction to the PREMIER Body Method

    • How the PREMIER Body Method Started

    • Who is the PREMIER Body Method For?

  • 02

    The Sport of Life Professional Instructors Course

    • The Why Factor

    • The Law of 100% Motion

    • Active and Passive Tissue

    • What Do Muscles Really Do?

    • The Neurological Firing Pattern

    • Motor Learning

    • Physical Capability Limits

    • Pain

    • The Fatigue Factor

    • Building Movement

    • The Three Major Categories of Movement

    • Stretching, Flexibility, and Mobility

    • Alternative Goals

    • Challenging Our Body Physically Through Exercise

    • Healing is a Skill

    • The Sport of Life Quiz

  • 03

    How the Premier Body Method Training Program Works

    • How the PREMIER body Method Training Program Works

    • How To Progress Through the PREMIER Body Method Training Program

Dr. Donald Richardson

Instructor Bio:

Dr. Donnie was born and raised in southern California. As both a collegiate athlete and student, his academic strengths lead him to pursue the pre-med collegiate major of human biology and biochemistry at UCSB. He then continued his graduate and post-graduate education at Southern California University of Health Sciences, receiving his doctorate in 2008. His passions for sports, science, and the human body lead him to pursue his post-graduate specialty degrees in sports medicine, biomechanics, rehabilitation, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, and sports performance. Dr. Richardson has worked for various USA National Governing Bodies with several different sports since 2008. During this time, he has served as both a team doctor and sports performance coach, traveling both nationally and internationally all over the world with our country’s elite athletes. His true passion is in the field of human movement education and bridging the gap between rehabilitation, basic strength and conditioning, injury prevention, health and fitness, and sports performance. The culmination of Dr. Richardson's work has led him to create the PREMIER Body Method. www.PremierBodyMethod.com or email Dr. Richardson directly at DonaldRichardson.DC@gmail.com

Dr. Donald Richardson DC, DACBSP, CSCS

PBM Instructor/Creator