Who is this Program for?

PBM - Rehabilitation and Performance Program

Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, Physically Injured Populations, and General Population

About the PREMIER Body Method

The PREMIER Body Method is a system to teach the art of using one's physical body

The PREMIER Body Method is a fully comprehensive physical rehabilitative training program designed to teach the fundamentals of movement mechanics, and then how to apply those mechanics to fitness, exercise, sports performance training, and the real world. It is used as a rehabilitation training system to help people suffering from injury or chronic pain. It is used to decrease the risk of injury, and serves as a body preservation anti-aging strategy for both athletes and persons looking to live a healthy life style. The PREMIER Body Method is used by health and fitness enthusiasts, as well as athletes, all the way to the highest level, as a method of training the body to perform at its best.

About the PBM Rehabilitation and Performance Program

The PREMIER Body Method Rehabilitative and Performance Online Program is the PBM course taught to athletes, health and fitness enthusiasts, and persons looking to better understand how the exercise and take care of themselves physically, as well as persons who genuinely want to get back to true physical health and ability, but feel as though they can’t due to some physical ailment. While this course is not intended to evaluate, diagnose, or treat any specific medical condition, it has been shown to provide great benefit to persons suffering from physical pain and/or injury. It is also used to improve fitness training results and performance. This program is designed to introduce The PREMIER Body Method, its concepts and strategies used with some of the top athletes in the world, as well as health and fitness minded and health conscious persons. This course contains both scientific information pertaining to how the human body generates physical movement, as well as full body performance mechanical training protocols complete with individual exercise descriptions. It covers the fundamentals exercise technique, form the most basic level, all the way to an elite level of human performance. This makes it the perfect course for beginners, as well as high performance athletes looking to reduce the risk of injury and develop real functional strength, speed, and power. Think of this course as a prerequisite to the physical world, giving you the knowledge and physical skills to reduce injury and achieve high level results in the most intelligent way possible. If you want to have the most up to date, highest quality performance and fitness training knowledge and skill, this is the course for you. For injured populations, the vast amount of physical pain people suffer form is biomechanical in nature. This means that the pain you suffer from has a lot to do with how you take care of yourself physically. This can be everything from how you move, your posture, how you exercise (or don’t exercise), to participation in recreational activities and even normal daily life tasks. This course offers a step by step learning process that will both educate and deliver the physical training skills to improve one’s physical ability and help one overcome physical ailment. If you suffer from pain and want to get back to the physical life your love and deserve, this is the course for you!

The PREMIER Body Method Training Program

Rehabilitation and Performance Program Overview

  • 30+ Online Modules

    An organized and efficient system of over 30 modules teaching proper human movement and mechanics for injury prevent, rehabilitation, total health, and performance

  • 120+ HD Videos

    Over 120 HD videos lessons and training sessions demonstrating proper technique, mechanics and training progressions.

  • 24 Training Sessions

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Rehabilitation Objectives

PBM - Rehabilitation and Performance Program

  • How the physical body works in relation to pain and injury development

  • Understanding how to reduce overall physical stress to the body and specific painful areas

  • How to generate tissue sparing safe movement

  • How to reduce the risk of future injury

Performance Objectives

PBM - Rehabilitation and Performance Program

  • Understanding how human movement pertaining to fitness exercise and sport

  • Understanding how to reduce overall physical stress to the body and specific painful areas

  • The development of high-quality biomechanics and exercise technique

  • Understanding how to reduce the risk of injury while training

  • Learning how to maximize fitness training results

Bonus material

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  • Downloadable Training Sheets and Exercise Descriptions

    Downloadable training sheets and exercises descriptions for each level of the PREMIER Body Method training system making it easy to reference exercises, track your progress and reach your goals

  • PBM Program Certificate of Completion

    Receive the PBM Program Certificate of Completion after successfully progressing through each of the first 3 levels of the PBM Rehabilitation and Performance Program

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Try the PREMIER Body Method Program risk free. Alchemist Quest Performance Education Academy offers a full 30day money back guarantee on all courses and programs. If you are dissatisfied with this program for any reason within the first 30days after purchase you can receive a full refund. Simply contact us by Email at [email protected]


  • Who is the PREMIER Body Method for?

    The PREMIER Body Method is for everyone. Whether you are an athlete, just the average person, or someone suffering from physical ailment, life demands certain physical abilities. Understanding how to move and operate your body in the best way possible helps with reducing the risk of injury and performing at your best!

  • What if I have injuries or pain?

    If you are suffering from an injury, or any form of pain, acute or chronic, it is always advised that you receive a proper evaluation and diagnosis from a qualified healthcare provider. The PREMIER Body Method online training courses are not intended to diagnose and/or treat any form of injury or physical ailment. That being said, the PREMIER Body Method and its teachings have been, and are used for injured populations with tremendous success! If fact, many of the original PREMIER Body Method’s training protocols were designed by Dr. Richardson specifically for a rehabilitative purpose. The PREMIER Body Method has been used in sports medicine, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation clinics for many years. Helping people suffering from injury and physical ailment is one of the greatest successes of this training system. When it comes down to it, injury and physical ailment are very often the direct or indirect result of improper usage and poor control of the human physical body. The PREMIER Body Method is specifically designed to teach and train the fundamentals of how to operate the human physical body. Therefore, the PREMIER Body Method directly addresses the root cause of the vast majority of physical problems people suffer from. Understanding how to move and control the body properly is of tremendous value to anyone suffering from musculoskeletal pain and/or injury. If you are someone suffering for an injury or physical ailment, it is recommended to partake in the program under the guidance of a professional. Especially if you have attempted to go through the online training course on your own, and things are not progressing as you would like.

  • How long does it take to complete the full program?

    The online training course consists of 24 training sessions separated into three levels, eight sessions per level. All sessions are in order of the ideal way in which you would want to progress through the program. The pace of progression from training session to session may vary for different people depending on a several factors. Some people may be able to progress straight through, without any hindrances, while it may take others more time. The entire program may take as little as 24 days, or for some people with injuries or busy schedules, it may take up to 120 days. Again, your pace and progress is ENTIRELY up to you and your consistency.

Dr. Donald Richardson

Instructor Bio:

Dr. Donnie was born and raised in southern California. As both a collegiate athlete and student, his academic strengths lead him to pursue the pre-med collegiate major of human biology and biochemistry at UCSB. He then continued his graduate and post-graduate education at Southern California University of Health Sciences, receiving his doctorate in 2008. His passions for sports, science, and the human body lead him to pursue his post-graduate specialty degrees in sports medicine, biomechanics, rehabilitation, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, and sports performance. Dr. Richardson has worked for various USA National Governing Bodies with several different sports since 2008. During this time, he has served as both a team doctor and sports performance coach, traveling both nationally and internationally all over the world with our country’s elite athletes. His true passion is in the field of human movement education and bridging the gap between rehabilitation, basic strength and conditioning, injury prevention, health and fitness, and sports performance. The culmination of Dr. Richardson's work has led him to create the PREMIER Body Method. www.PremierBodyMethod.com or email Dr. Richardson directly at D[email protected]

Dr. Donald Richardson DC, DACBSP, CSCS

PBM Instructor/Creator